Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sharing some of my work

I have learned how to add photos of what I have been working on lately. Newbie at this. I love making jewelry and call it my work but really it is like going to play each time I make something. Isn't that what we are told that we should do something we love? Well, I do feel very blessed by this and wanted to share with you what I have been up to. With the past few days at -17 below I have been working with a lot of pastels maybe if I think Spring it will bring Spring. Hmmm...sounds good.


Rocki said...

(standing ovation) Yeah! The pictures look fabulous Jo! Great job!

Catherine said...

Rocki has given you such a wonderful introduction over on her blog so obviously I had to come on right over here immediately! Your jewellery's beautiful and you sound like a very inspired and contented person. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, I found you through Rocki's blog as well and what a lovely writeup she had for you. Seeing your work I couldn't agree more!

I understand completely how you feel about creating and the joy and blessings it brings to our lives. Jewelry arts has been an amazing adventure and never more so that through the wonderful friendships that have blessed my life and filled my heart with gratitude.

Welcome and enjoy, this time is precious and we will never pass this way again.

All the best ~ Sharon♥