Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I'm sitting here all decked out in green today. I remember this holiday being such a fun one when I was in grade school. I tried to make it an exciting day for our children when they were young but I think they just about threw their mother out when they came home for dinner to green pancakes and green food coloring in their milk. I'm just not sure if my oldest child has been able to shake that one off yet. There was just no convincing him that it didn't taste different. He just couldn't look at the green milk without a little gag kickoff. Then we discovered that corned beef and cabbage was the best! A little slow on picking that up I know! It's not like that couldn't have been discovered sooner. Enjoy the day and enjoy making your own family memories and traditions. They are the things that stay with you and bring a smile to your Irish eyes for all the years later as you recall them.


Rocki said...

Awe yes, I remember being young and going school on St. Patty's day and NOT wearing green... ouch ouch ouchity ouch! Where did the pinching come from?

How fun to make so many things green! I'll have to remember that for next year. I'll make Mark some green mashed tators!

Dee said...

I didn't like the corned beef and cabbage...lol it stunk! I always wanted the green pancakes back. And the green milk if just to see my oldest brother gag...heehee. Thank you for the wonderful memories mom you made the day fun as a kid and I hope to do the same when I have children of my own. Love you!