Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today's Blizzard

The temperature today is 1 degree. I'm not kidding! A blizzard is taking place right at this moment. Good things about blizzards:1. My sweetheart is home today because everything is closed. 2. I love snow. 3. I'm inside 4.The power is still on. Yeah, I guess that is about it. Only a top four moment here.

So as much as I am not complaining. REALLY! My work with my jewelry creations took me to sunny California today. It seemed to be a really good idea while enjoying a hot cup of coffee and watching snow whip by my window at a bazzillion miles an hour to think warm thoughts. I'll put a little picture in to show you what I listed today.

When we visited Dane, Julia, Ethan and Connor in SUNNY California. We stayed in a lovely home given to us by the generosity of our son and daughter in loves friends. In the fenced in back yard there was a sand box. I took my cup of coffee out with me to enjoy the sun one morning and to my delight I found the sand box was home to a very sweet sociable turtle. I did have a wonderful photo of him, that is before my computer crashed. I guess that's another story though. I'm still muttering about the photos. Back to the turtle...I found tiny turtles at an Etsy shop. I just had to purchase them and find a way to make them into earrings. This is the result of that project.

Now about the photo muttering, I still need to find a back up system. And we received the best thing in our mail yesterday. Our daughter Deanna notified her sibs that we had lost our photos and asked them if they could send copies of theirs. Yesterday the mailbox had a CD of photos from Kelsi and Dirk. A GIANT Thank you!

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