Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As White as Snow

Yesterday it rained buckets...pails...cats...we already had dogs. Anyway it RAINED! From watching the weather channel it looks like most of the United States is having crazy weather. It looked like March doldrums yesterday. Then in the early morning hours it started to snow. When we looked outside today all of the muddy brown depressing goo was gone transformed into a beautiful canopy of white snow. I know most people probably aren't too happy about snow when they are looking forward to Spring, but somehow it was a relief today. We are still watching for the flooding to happen and we are so thankful that we are safe but I think the idea of flooding and mud and people possibly losing their homes just seemed to be put on pause for a short spell today as we looked out at the wonder. I always think of the Bible verse, He washed me whiter than snow when I look out at that cleaned up landscape with sparkling diamonds. Whiter than that is one cleaned up heart! And only God would be able to make such a transformation.

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