Thursday, September 17, 2009

Invisible Illness Awareness Week

I feel so honored to be able to write my blog entry today about Invisible Illness Awareness Week! First let me say if you are interested in learning more about this then just click on the nifty badge that I actually figured out how to add it to my blog without daughter or husband help! This badge will take you directly to so much information about Invisible Illness Awareness Week that will be especially helpful to you if you or a loved one does have such an illness.

I really want to applaud those who have gone through so much to bring this information to us and their efforts to educate those who are either unaware of this or who do not understand. I am especially impressed by this group of volunteers who have made this annual event possible because most of them suffer from an invisible illness and yet have taken their time and energy to put this week together. Now try to imagine the last time you had the flu. Right, you don't really want to think about this as it was quite unpleasant. Now imagine putting together a large national event while you were in the midst of having the flu. Hmmm, tissues in hand, comforter pulled around you, body aches turning you into a whining lump of yewww, you aren't moving from that couch today let alone pulling a vast organizational event into place. Good job! You have just imagined what most people with an invisible illness go through every day in just trying to get themselves out of bed, getting dressed, and trying to make some type of semblance to their day.

I first started writing this blog so that I could be a spokesperson and hopefully comforter to those who have an invisible illness. So I am especially happy to have the opportunity to be able to blog today and to have the ability to send you to a place where you can receive more informative guidance. But before I do that let me explain a little about what is involved or the meaning of this phrase that I keep repeating of Invisible Illness. Invisible Illness has the face of so many symptoms. Those most familiar to me are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, Arnold Chiari Syndrome, Muscular Sclerosis, Depression and Lupus. This gives a very small start to the list of illnesses that fit under this category. So now just click on the I'm blogging for Invisible Illness Awareness Week at the side of my blog and it will take you to so much more information. That is where I am headed so that I can find the broadcasts for this day and feel the companionship of others that face the same challenges that I face.