Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My dear husband had to shovel for three hours just to get out of our driveway this morning. So I decided to add some more snow photos to show the results of yesterdays blizzard. Hey when you live in Northern Minnesota a stones throw from Canada that is what you do! Shovel and update on blizzards. Too bad that Wednesdays are the longest work days for Steve as I am sure that his muscles are screaming by now. Extra back rubs for him tonight. I'm not sure that these photos will tell you how truly deep these drifts are. I think we should have put a tiny person next to the really big drift but I didn't think of volunteering for before my daughter shot the photos. Though if you will look at the basketball hoop in the picture on the right....well you will get the idea. So enjoy! Stay warm! And if you are living where it is Sunny, Warm, and flowers are blooming, man are you lucky!

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Rocki said...

Wow! Now that is a lot of snow! Sure hope you are staying warm in the house.

Oh and what wonderful pictures you've added with your blog posts. Wish I could comment on each one, but it's getting late so I'll sum it up: Love them all!

Sending warm weather your way :)