Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Buttons Update

Buttons has his new home! Actually, he has been in his new home for almost a month. I guess I need to update blogs more often. Although, this week I have been pretty good about this. I just want to tell how my timing isn't always the best. A bit, well maybe a lot of fretting went into finding a home for Buttons. Then the perfect home became available with Hannah and her brothers:) They attend church with us. Hannah a delightful, full of energy little girl went to her class the day after finding out that Buttons was coming to live at her house and announced to her teachers that she was getting a service dog, who would be coming to school with her. Hannah is a girl with Cerebral Palsy who zips around in her wheelchair with an amazing zest for life! The teacher's were perplexed upon this announcement and questioned Hannah's mom who informed them that they were getting a companion dog. Which just might be able to attend class just to visit when he is settled in. Well a Collie will absolutely enjoy meeting Hannah's class. And who can blame a girl for trying to bring her new best friend to school with her?

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