Friday, January 30, 2009

I have been thinking a lot this new year about how one person can make a difference in this world. The movie Pay it Forward comes to mind. How just one person helping another can change things. How to leave this world a better place. God just sometimes places people into your life at just the right time. It seems like chance encounters but they are not by chance at all. I have met two women this week who have been a blessing to me through the site. The first is a woman who beautifully recycles some items and makes them into wonderful floral brooches. She then sells them and takes all of the profit and turns it into charitable giving to areas in her community. So can you give shout outs on a blog? I would think so. You can find her shop at If that isn't the correct way to display this then just go to and under sellers names look for The June Bride. I'm still trying to find my way in this computer world. The other is a woman who makes Handcrafted Aritsan Metalwork it is some of the most beautiful work. She can be found at I had contacted her about an order for silver ear wires this week and mentioned that my shop on Etsy had me stumped or something like that. I had a few sales at the beginning and then things stalled out.
She has offered to give me some tips that will hopefully bring in some business. She used the term Pay it Forward. Some one helped her at one time, at least that is how I understand it, and now she is helping me. It's a great world when we can look out for each other this way. Wiping tears, bandaging skinned knees, embracing someone with a needed hug, supplying food or time to a soup kitchen, or something as simple as a smile given or opening a door for someone. We are being challenged or deluged daily in the news about banks failing, foreclosures of homes, people out of work and news of trying to follow the first 100 days of a new President in office. So to repeat his political slogan of, "Yes we can." Can we make it a better place to live, one person, one life at a time, one act of kindness, yes we can!

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Rocki said...

Oh gosh Jo, that was so sweet of you to mention me! I truly feel if you "pay it forward" then you too shall benefit from it. Not in "things", but in heart, mind & spirit.