Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life with the Collies

This morning it was -31 here. -31!!!! I want to make sure that you saw that. Our Collies are going a little stir crazy, as are their human companions. They can't get their walks in because we are freezing. They however, conveniently have fur coats and don't seem to mind the cold. So little trouble makers they have turned into. I will need to take a pic to add here so you can get the full effect. Just keep in mind that it involves a certain library book that is titled, "It's Me or The Dog" written by Victoria Stilwell I wouldn't usually condone bad behavior but this was just too funny, well except now I will have to pay for a new library book. I think that they didn't want me to read this, which would bring up the point...hmmm... do you think that they were a little worried about the title? Now, I will show you a few pictures of the little darlings. Other than being naughty, they have been good companions on a cloudy COLD day, as I danced with the puppies to songs on a Matt Redman CD! This puppy is Buttons and he still needs a good home! Well, he has a good home, but it would be more convenient for us if he did find another home. He is the last of a litter of eight. Beautiful, gentle, but maybe a little mischevious lately.

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