Friday, April 24, 2009

Learning New Things

Ask and you shall receive! I know that is Biblical and sometimes it is just so hard to ask. As a parent I know how much I would truly love to give to my children. I would not wish for bad things to happen to them nor would I give them something to intentionally harm them. Doesn't the Heavenly Father have so much that he would desire to bless us with? I am trying on this journey through life to learn to walk a little closer to God as he is always there for me. It is I who neglects to seek this close walk. I become distracted, disheartened, and sometimes I forget that he is just a prayer away.

My brain went to this thought of ask and you shall receive as I was reading a Blog by an Etsy seller whose shop is called ennadoolf you can find this shop at I have been seeing these great displays of Etsy shops on blogs but did not know how to put this feature on my blog. I left a comment on her blog asking how this is done. Within a very short period of time she sent me a note that gave a complete helpful explanation to walk me through the steps of setting up this feature. Guess what? It worked! I think that for the most part people want to help eachother. I want to believe firmly that there is a lot of good in this world to be found. It isn't always easy to ask another for help. I'm just thankful that there are many good hearts who are willing to step in if we just ask. I guess I'll be working on that skill. And many thanks to ennadoolf!

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