Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Knitting Time

I have been busy working on my knitting for the past few weeks. I seem to need to have my fingers busy working as I watch TV or just as time to relax. Knitting has been known for years to be an anxiety reducer. I guess that is if everything with your project is going well with no dropped stitches or impossible instructions. Actually ripping out a project is sometimes a frustration helper. I had been making scarves to stay warm. Which actually is still needed here. But with Spring in mind I have started making frivolous fun flowers. Along with my jewelry shop I have a knitting shop called Nanna's Knitting. It is located at stop by to see what I have been busy with. The latest scarves are crocheted which isn't my first love, but it has provided a nice break for me. All of my projects are very simple nothing very involved but I enjoy making them and that is what is important.

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