Friday, May 22, 2009

Time to Rejoice

It is a beautiful day today. The sun is out. It is in the 70's AMAZING!We have watched as the Gold Finches have gone from a dingy gray to their beautiful Golden color which in itself seems to be a miracle of Spring. It feels like a season to rejoice. Spring is new life a burst of freshness in a way it is like Ready... Set...Go! Our family has been reeling with illness the past couple of weeks Steve with Pneumonia, Me with Sinusitis, Deanna with Cysts and Enlarged Lymph Nodes which was a better diagnosis than Appendicitis, though she is still having pain. So antibiotics for Steve and I and pain medication for Deanna and we are all more than eager to jump into a fresh new Spring.

As I am writing this the view out my front window shows little tiny pink buds on our flowering crab. In a couple of days that tree will be exploding with blooms. Our garden has it's newest layer of fertilizer on top and is ready for tilling. I'm thinking about which plants to put into our garden. Always tomatoes, there must be potatoes as this is one of the best regions for growing those. I'm thinking carrots, peas, yeww I don't know if I even want to fool with green beans though they will have to go in as my sweetie is the one who tends the garden and he does like these. I think asparagus would be nice though it can appear to be messy and if memory serves me I don't think you can harvest the first season. Any fellow gardeners reading this can leave a comment for me on gardening tips. I'm looking forward to seeing how large my herb patch will be this year. Last year my Rosemary did not make it through the harsh winter. The Lavender was growing wonderfully and every time I see it or take a whiff of the fragrance I think of the fields in Provence and dream of someday visiting them.

The Collies in residence Abby and Skye are even smiling as they have been diligently watching Steve pound posts into the ground to put up the fence in our backyard so they can run, leave it to the females to advise from the sidelines on building projects. I know that our neighbors must be giddy with joy as they see the fencing going up. As they have looked at that neon orange snow fence throughout the end of last summer until now. Well it was covered by snow for most of the Winter so at least they didn't have to see it then.

God is so good all I have to do is look out my window and see the gorgeous world that he has created for us and the abundance of beauty and eventually the provision of food that he will give to us through our garden. Life is good!


Elizabear said...

I love that picture of the birds. Spring is such a beautiful time. I wish I had some gardening tips for you but all I seem to know how to do is kill plants. LOL

Rocki said...

I love looking out your window :)

Hope everyone is feeling better and I'll touch base with you soon :)


ohbabydotcom said...

Great blog!