Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celebrating 100

Yesterday as I was completing the preparation to ship out orders that had been placed I realized that I had reached my 100th sale!  Happy Dance indeed over this milestone! It has been almost two years ago that I started filling out all of the information to start My Shining Lights shop on Etsy.  And then a few months after filling out the information I actually started listing items in my shop which would have been in October of 2008.  For some reason reaching 100 sales has been a goal that I have been dreaming of this whole time.  I am so thankful for God's provision in my life!  Thankful too, that I am able to go to work at the hours I am able and that my work is something that I love doing.  I want to thank my customers too as you ultimately are the ones responsible for this milestone.
I hope that your day is a lovely one!  I will put a photo of some of the newest items in my shop with this blog entry. And I would like to invite you to stop by the shop for a visit to see what is new and if there is something that you love.  As I mail out each package I think of my customers and hope that the item I am sending them will help to add joy to their day.

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Pemberley said...

Jo you won the wreath givaway at Pemberly Style! I need you to get in touch with me. Please send an email with your full name and address to amy@pemberleycollections.com.