Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top of the Morning to You!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Are you wearing your green today? I have My Shining Lights all decked out in green to celebrate my bit of Irish Heritage.  I really do love this holiday it comes in the midst of March which can be a dreary moment of time when the snow is melting and puddles are everywhere and it isn't yet time to celebrate flower buds on the trees and in the flower gardens.  A holiday in March is a good idea whether green beer is involved or not.  For our family as I mentioned on this blog last year, it was a tradition to have green milk, and green pancakes which was thoroughly enjoyed by two of our children, and left the other child feeling a bit green himself just from looking at the milk.

I was at a Womens Ministry Meeting Tues. night and this meeting was based around vintage hats and one of our dearest women named Luverne passed photos around the tables of her grandchildren who were wearing vintage hats that had belonged to their great grandmother.  Their family brings out the hats every two years and the kids take turns modeling them and of course there is a photo session.  I told Luverne that her grandchildren will always remember this tradition and the fun that they had with their grandparents.  Two of their granddaughters are either just teenage or getting close to that age and they are looking very stunning and are at the stage in their lives to try to look glamorous for the camera.  I wonder as their grandfather looks at the photo if he perhaps catches glimpses of the likeness to his own mother?

In thinking about this I am wondering what are your family traditions?  And if you haven't put any into practice yet then let me encourage you to do so.  Get creative.  Spring will soon be here perhaps you could purchase some plants with your family and bring out the hand trowels and have a family planting day.  Have this as something you do each Spring.  Your family will remember these special days.  We can get so busy that life just flies by and we find we haven't made those tiny stops to take time to celebrate life along the way. So take time to enjoy your family and make up your own celebrations, whether it be green milk, though nauseating for some, or a tablecloth spread on the Living Room floor to host a cloudy day picnic, or a quilt on the ground on a Summer evening so you can lie on your backs for a little star gazing and story time.

Please feel free to comment on your favorite family tradition I would love to read about it. And stop by myshininglights.etsy.com today to enjoy the green!

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