Thursday, January 21, 2010

Joyous New Year Wishes

We have survived and enjoyed the Christmas and New Year holidays! It really is my favorite time of year though I can tend to get stressed before Christmas with all of the decorating and preparations. My wise son Dirk told me that I was bringing this on myself and that I just needed to relax and enjoy! Great advice maybe not so easy for me to incorporate but I tried. This is the first year that we haven't sent Christmas cards. That was a little difficult for me to process and that won't be the case every year but it sure made this Christmas so much easier! We really enjoyed having our daughter home for Christmas plus her boyfriend came from England to visit and that was delightful. We missed not seeing other family but made the best of enjoying our time together.

I decided today that it was time to blow the dust off of this blog and greet 2010! My wish for this year is to find joy in the small events of each day. A great cup of coffee! My sweet husband washing the dishes! Sunshine streaming through the window, well not right now as it is snowing and even in that there is joy to be found! Life can get too busy and too tense at times and I know those things will happen but I'm hoping to focus on the blessings that God so richly places in front of me each day.

As far as My Shining Lights jewelry business I am busy each day and new opportunities are coming up for a new store opening that will have some items in it. A blog feature in the near future. I was so honored last week to discover that one of my pairs of earrings were featured in the Christian Artists Street Team Blog! I have also been adding a Vintage line to my shop. Ideas are constantly in my head looking forward to Spring and Summer Weddings I am really hoping to develop more Bridal items. And I can thank my sweet Sister- in-" Love" Peggy as she is placing an advertisement for My Shining Lights in an upcoming Beauty Pageant that my niece Elizabeth is entered in. I do love being able to be creative especially with sparkly things!

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